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Adaptogenics Health | Free Shipping on Orders over $100
Adaptogenics Health | Free Shipping on Orders over $100


Whether your goal is gut health, focus, or your next start line, we have a mushroom to help get you there.
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Liquid Tincture = High Bioavailabiilty

Consuming functional mushrooms from a liquid tincture ensures the active benefits are more easily absorbed.
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Your Blueprint for Better Health

The best thing for your health is not having to repair it in the first place.
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Self-Care in every drop

Life sometimes gets in the way of your best-laid plans. Learn how functional mushrooms can be part of your back-on-track plan.
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Be the Best Version of You

You get one life. Show up and own it.
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Adaptogenics Functional Mushrooms

Functional Mushroom Tinctures to enhance your physical and mental well-being and performance.

It's Go Time. Own Your Health.

Powerful Liquid-Extract Mushrooms

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The Background

Benefits of Functional Mushrooms

  • Reishi: Keep Calm & Snooze Long

    Reishi: Keep Calm & Snooze Long

    Finding balance within often starts with getting a good night’s sleep. But that’s easier said than done for someone feeling stress and anxiety. The weight of our daily lives can be a lot to handle, leading to restless nights and...

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  • Lion's Mane: Dump the Slump Without Caffeine

    Lion's Mane: Dump the Slump Without Caffeine

    Lion’s mane mushrooms contain two compounds, hericenones and erinacines, that can stimulate brain cell growth and improve cognitive function. Originally cultivated in China and other parts of Asia, lion’s mane has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, often...

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